December 29, 2015


Year in Review | 2015

With only a few days left in the year, I thought I’d hop on the bandwagon and reflect on the past year. There were highs and lows, laughs and tears, moments of greatness and many sleepless nights. I could literally be talking about any year, as this is what my life consists of annually (and sometimes weekly). Regardless, here are a few things to recall from 2015.

+ I’M PROUD OF: the way I’ve leaned into Kansas City. Into new friends, and to saying yes.

+ I'VE LET GO OF: some of the fear of calling people out. Being blunt and honest doesn’t always have to result in hurt feelings. It may sting initially, but it’s typically worthwhile when done with good intention.

+ I STILL NEED TO WORK ON: being more intentional in life. Maybe not spending money on shoes I don’t need. Maybe saving more for the experiences I complain about not being able to experience because I spend too much money (on shoes). Also having less anxiety about things that haven’t happened (and likely won’t).

+ I FELT SUPER ACCOMPLISHED WHEN: I stood up in front of the creative department and pitched a (personal) concept all by my lonesome. It was a new level of vulnerability for me.

+ A BAD HABIT I PICKED UP WAS: binge watching Netflix before bed.

+ A GOAL I HAVE FOR 2016 is: to explore Colorado. And to write more.

+ I'M SUPER EXCITED ABOUT: having my parents within driving distance again. The potential for travel. The birth of my baby (just kidding, just seeing if you’re still with me).

+ I'M GOING TO MAKE TIME FOR: creating, sweating, and exploring. And being a more adventurous chef.

+ NEXT YEAR I WILL: be thankful, grateful, and kind. And maybe brush up on my math–counting with my fingers is generating some disheartening looks.

It's been real, 2015. Thanks for the memories.